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Treatment & Side Effects

What happens if my pet experiences a bad reaction from the medication?

If it’s an emergency, you should immediately take your pet to an emergency veterinary clinic. Otherwise, you can follow up with your Dutch-affiliated vet by logging into your Dutch account and sending a message.

Does every pet get the same treatment?

No, our vets will examine each pet on a case-by-case basis and provide a tailored recommendation based on their health and the information you provide. The treatment plan may include prescription medication, over-the-counter treatments, behavior ther

What if Dutch can’t treat my pet?

Some conditions may be too complex for treatment through telemedicine. Our vets always have your pet’s best interest in mind and may refer you to in-person care for more serious or urgent care.

Can I be refunded if a vet cannot treat my pet?

Our vets are paid for their time and expertise, similar to medical professionals in human medicine. Just as you’d pay for a doctor’s appointment even if you get referred to another doctor for care, you pay for our vets’ time regardless if your pet ca

How effective are your medications? How long will it take before I see results?

Our vets recommend medications for your pet that are chosen based on the latest science and recommendations by experts in the field. Depending on the condition and medication chosen, results can be seen within 24 hours for some treatments and up to 4

What's the best way to give medication to my pet?

You should try to give medication to your pet in a positive manner to reinforce that this is good for them and not a punishment. Some pills are flavored which makes treatment easier. If not flavored, many pills and capsules can be hidden in various t

My pet has diarrhea after starting medication. What should I do?

Diarrhea is a side effect of some treatments. Please consult your treatment plan for recommendations and message the vet for advice.

My pet has lost their appetite after starting medication. What should I do?

Loss of appetite is a side effect of some treatments. Please consult your treatment plan for recommendations and message the vet for advice.

What if my initial treatment plan doesn't work?

While it would be great if every animal responded the same way to each treatment, it’s not uncommon to need to alter a treatment plan for each pet's unique needs and genetic makeup. All follow-up consultations are included in your Dutch membership so

Who do I get in touch with if I have a question about my pet's medication?

You can message your vet to discuss your pet’s treatment plan anytime or book a new appointment by going to your Dutch account. Unlimited messaging and appointments are included in your membership. You can also email [email protected] anytime and we'll