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Can I get prescriptions through Dutch?Updated 6 months ago

This depends on the laws of the state you live in. Many states allow vets to prescribe medication virtually, while others don’t. 

To see if prescriptions are available where you live, please select your state at the beginning of registration and we’ll let you know if we can't prescribe medication there (see below)

If your state allows virtual prescribing, you can use the Dutch platform to book an appointment with a veterinarian licensed in your state who can prescribe medication for your pet if needed. Dutch will send the prescription to our pharmacy who will deliver the medication directly to you with free shipping.  

If your state doesn’t currently allow medications to be prescribed virtually (see below), a Dutch membership gives you fast access to vets who can provide information for an array of health and behavioral issues as well as preventive care and over-the-counter treatment options — right from the comfort of home. This can help you avoid unnecessary vet visits and stress.

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