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Can I use another pharmacy to fulfill my medication?Updated 4 months ago

Yes, you have the right to get your pet’s prescriptions transferred to the pharmacy of your choice. There’s a $5 transfer fee in some cases. (See below for details.) Transferring to another pharmacy is generally slower and more expensive, so we recommend using our pharmacy. We offer a price-match guarantee and the option to upgrade to expedited shipping. 

Online pharmacies that don’t accept transfers from telemedicine services
Several online pharmacies, including Chewy and PetMeds (or 1800PetMeds), don’t currently accept prescriptions from online vet services. If you use another online pharmacy, please have them email [email protected] to confirm the prescription.

Local pharmacies carry limited inventory of common pet medications
Costco is the most reliable pharmacy for pet medication and you do not need a membership to access their pharmacy in person. We highly recommend you transfer your prescription three for faster service.

Why is there a $5 fee to transfer some prescriptions to a local pharmacy?
While using our pharmacy is an automated process, transferring prescriptions to another pharmacy requires our team to spend time working with the local pharmacy to get the transfer verified and approved. And because many pet prescriptions aren’t available at human pharmacies, this sometimes involves finding another local pharmacy that carries the medication. Due to the time this takes, there’s a single $5 processing fee to transfer prescriptions that are currently available through Dutch. There's no fee to transfer prescriptions that we don't carry. If your pet is prescribed a combination of medications that aren’t available through us and those that are, you’ll pay $5 if you transfer any prescriptions that we have in stock.

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