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Do real, licensed vets review my pet’s situation and prescribe a treatment plan for my dog or cat?

Yes. All care you get at Dutch is provided by licensed vets, not vet techs or other veterinary professionals. If you’re in a state where we offer prescriptions, you’ll always be connected with a vet licensed in your state unless you opt for a general

Do I have to tell my regular vet about the services I receive through Dutch?

We highly recommend that you let your primary vet know about all treatments and medications that your pet is receiving, but it’s ultimately up to you. You can request to have your pet’s Dutch medical records sent to your in-person vet anytime by cont

How am I matched with a vet?

We work with U.S. licensed vets around the country, and you’ll be paired with a vet who’s available at your preferred video call time. If you’re in a state that allows vets to prescribe medication virtually, we’ll match you with a vet licensed in you

Where are your veterinarians located?

We work with licensed vets throughout the country. If you’re in a state where we offer prescriptions, you’ll always speak to a vet licensed in your state unless you opt for an advice appointment. In states that don’t allow online prescribing, you may

What is the relationship between Dutch Pet, Inc. and the Dutch-affiliated vets?

In some states, Margot Health, P.C. is a veterinary practice that employs or engages veterinarians to provide professional services for customers of the Dutch Pet, Inc. platform. Dutch Pet, Inc. provides administrative and other non-clinical services

Who helped develop your questionnaires and treatment protocols?

We work with veterinary specialists to design our questionnaires and protocols. These are leaders in their field who have gone through additional coursework to become board-certified in their area of specialty — and there are very few of them in the

How long does it take for my vet to send the treatment plan after my appointment?

Vets typically reply within 1 business day.

How do I get in touch with a vet?

Once you’re a member, you can book a video appointment with a vet by logging it at dutch.com. After you’ve scheduled a visit, you can message your vet anytime through your Dutch account.

Is Dutch a replacement for a local vet hospital?

No. While our vets can give you advice on how to make your pet’s life better, help you understand why they may be not feeling well, solve certain problems, and prescribe medications for certain conditions, they can’t perform physical examinations, bl

How often should I follow up with the vet?

We encourage you to message your vet or schedule a new appointment whenever you have questions or need follow-up care. Dutch will automatically check in on your treatment plan 2 weeks after your initial visit and monthly after that.

I’m a veterinarian. How do I join Dutch?

We’re always interested in talking to licensed veterinarians. If you have a valid veterinary license in one (or more) states, we'd love to hear from you. In states where we offer prescriptions, you’ll also need a valid DEA license to prescribe gabape